Pre -Production Service

We Provide

Line Producer, Government. & Local Permission, Location, Equipment, Technician, Artist, Trekking, Accommodation, Transportation and Other All Necessary Support for filming in Nepal.

Budgeting & Scheduling

We understand that Budgeting and Scheduling forms an integral part of planning your project. At Shooting Nepal, we analyze the project, work out a cost effective budget and schedule for your term in Nepal.

Location Scouting

A perfect location is not just aesthetically essential for a film, documentary or TV commercial. It is essential that the spot chosen for filming is distinctive, breathtaking and practically assists the team to deliver the desired results. Here is where our extensive travel experience comes handy. We have the ability to scout extraordinary locations and hiring studios across South Asia with a flair of uniqueness, as per the demand of the script. Besides we also provide thorough resource guides and language interpretation services for our clients. Please contact us for further assistance.


It is no more a difficult process to import equipment into Nepal. But it is even more convenient and cost effective to source it locally itself. Shooting Nepal is well connected with numerous equipment rental houses spanning across as wide as South Asia for all your technically sound equipment needs.

Set Design & Construction

From a tropical paradise to a natural disaster, our set design and construction team can design and create the perfect sets as per your requirements. Each project we undertake is a magnum opus within your accurate budget specifications.


Casting Directors at shooting Nepal do not just act upon an enquiry. They are scouting for the right actors and models through the year… so that can provide prompt solutions on any enquiry.


We assist our clients in the Visa paper work and visa acquiring process for the crew. All foreign residents require a visa to enter Nepal except Indian. The correct Visa type for the crew is Type tourists

Legal Permits & Clearances

It is ensured that all the required government legalities, permits and clearances required for filming are acquired with ease.

Hotels & Accommodation

We ensure that you are offered the finest and most comfortable Hotels & Accommodations as per the requirement and budget for the crew.


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